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Planning application submitted for anaerobic digester plant at Penans Farm, Grampound: public meeting 28 April

In summer 2016, Qila Energy submitted a planning application for a gas grid entry unit on land at Penans Farm near Grampound. The planning application was approved and the unit was installed in late 2016.

It was always intended that this would be the first phase of a 2-phase project. The second phases is to install an anaerobic digester plant. Anaerobic digestion is a renewable energy technology that uses agricultural products including slurry to produce an organic bio-fertiliser and methane gas that can be injected into the national gas grid.

A planning application has now been submitted for this second phase. The application reference number is PA17/02955. Once the application has been validated by the Council, all the planning documents will be available to view online.

The developer, Qila Energy, has prepared a briefing document, see below. Or you can download a pdf from Qila anaerobic digester


April 2017

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