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Cabinet proposes council tax rise of 1.97%

The Cabinet has proposed that council tax should be raised by 1.97% next year but, even with this increase, there will still be cuts in services because of the cumulative impact of annual cuts in funding from government.

Proposal will be considered by scrutiny committees before returning to the Cabinet and then to Full Council in February.

In addition, the Cabinet has suggested a need to raise council tax by a further 5% in 2014/15. That increase will obviously have to go through due process when the new Council is elected and is by no means certain to be agreed. Under current rules, it would require a referendum of everyone in Cornwall before it could be implemented.

Details of the draft budget can be found on the Council website at Cabinet Budget 16 January. The papers are at item 8 on the agenda.

An interesting aspect of the debate at the Cabinet meeting was that the Conservative Leader of the Council (Jim Currie) proposed the rise in council tax of 1.97% whilst the portfolio holder responsible for the overall budget (Fiona Ferguson), who also happens to be the leader of the Conservative group on the Council, abstained from the vote, saying that she was still working on a possible proposal that would involve freezing the council tax. So, watch this space!


January 2013

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