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Cabinet recommends Budget for 2020/21 with council tax rise of 3.99%

At its meeting of 12 February, the Cabinet resolved to recommend the Budget for 2020/21 and the rate of council tax.This proposal will be put to the Full Council meeting of 25 February.

If Council accepts the recommendation, council tax will rise by 3.99% in line with the Cabinet's proposals. This is made up of an increase of 1.99% on the core council tax plus 2% supplement for adult social care in line with the government's guidelines on how to deal with the increasing costs of this service. This is the fourth year in which this supplement will apply.

It means those living in a Band D property will pay an extra £1.17 per week. In addition to the Cornwall Council precept, residents will also pay a parish council precept and a police precept.


February 2020


UPDATE 25 February

At its meeting on 25 February, Full Council approved the Budget put forward. The council tax increase for 2020/21 is confirmed at 3.99%

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