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Councillors reject motion to consider 6% increase in council tax

At the Full Council meeting of 22 October 2013, a motion was put as follow:

"Motion proposed by Councillor Egerton, seconded by Councillor Dolley and supported by Councillors Andrewes, Hughes and McWilliam:-

In respect of the revenue budget for Cornwall Council for the financial year 2014-15, this Council:-

(a) notes and endorses the intention of the Cabinet to propose a revenue budget to the Council meeting of 26 November 2013 which will be calculated on the basis of a 1.97% increase in Council Tax for 2014-15.

(b) requests that the Cabinet submit an alternative revenue budget for consideration to the said Council meeting which will be calculated on the basis of a 6% increase in Council Tax for 2014-15."

The motion was lost by 79 votes against to 33 votes for as follows:

Councillors voting for the motion:- 

Andrewes, Blakeley, Burden, Callan, Cole, Curnow, Deeble, Dolley, Egerton, Ellison, Harris, Hawken, Hicks, Holmes, Hughes, Jenkin, Kaczmarek, King, Lewis, Long, Lugg, Luke, P Martin, McWilliam, A Mitchell, Penny, Rix, Rule, Saunby, I Thomas, J Thomas, A Toms and Trubody. (Independents 21, Mebyon Kernow 4, UKIP 4, Liberal Democrats 2, non-aligned incl. Green Party 2.)

Councillors voting against the motion:- 

Atherton, Batters, Bay, Biscoe, Geoff Brown, Glenton Brown, M Brown, Bull, Bunney, Buscombe, Chamberlain, Chopak, Coombe, Dolphin, Duffin, Dwelly, Dyer, Eathorne-Gibbons, Eddowes, Elliott, Ellis, Evans, Farrington, Ferguson, Fitter, Flashman, Folkes, Fonk, Frank, French, George, Greenslade, Hall, Hannaford, Harvey, Hatton, Haycock, Heyward, Hobbs, James, Jewell, Keeling, Kenny, Kerridge, Kirk, Knightley, Lambshead, Maddern, R Mann, S Mann, T Martin, May, McKenna, P Mitchell, Nicholas, Nolan, Olivier, Parsons, Pascoe, Paynter, Pearce, Pearn, Pollard, Pugh, Rich, P Rogerson, S Rogerson, Rotchell, Rowe, Scrafton, Shuttlewood, Sleeman, Stoneman, H Toms, Wallis, Watson, Webber, White and Wilkins. (Liberal Democrats 31, Conservatives 27, Independents 13, Labour 7, UKIP 1.)


October 2013



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