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Bus lane on Tregolls Road, Truro, comes into operation

Since the completion of the roadworks at the junction of Tregolls Road with the Newquay road, and the opening of the park and ride at Tregurra, traffic has been flowing much more smoothly in and out of Truro along Tregolls Road. Queues on the road from Tresillian to the traffic lights at Tregolls Road have decreased significantly and journey times have improved noticeably.

As part of the park and ride project, it was decided to implement sections of bus lane. On the inbound carriageway of Tregolls Road is a short section of bus lane in the outside lane; on the outbound carriageway there is a short section before the junction with Upland Crescent. The lanes officially opened on Monday 2 November.

There has been disquiet from some motorists who feel that the bus lane is hindering traffic flow into Truro. Whenever road layouts are altered, there tends to be a period of uncertainty for motorists until they get accustomed to the new systems. The Trafalgar roundabout works were seen as controversial at the time of their implementation, but traffic is now flowing freely around it. The bus gate from Morlaix Avenue into Quay Street faced strong opposition from some quarters when it was proposed; it was suggested that it would cause major tailbacks of traffic beyond the Tesco roundabout. Those fears were misplaced and the bus gate is working very well for buses with minimal delays for motorists.

Therefore, it is too early yet to decide whether or not the bus lane on Tregolls Road is going to be a success or a failure. I would ask motorists to give the highways engineers the benefit of the doubt for a few months to see how it works. If, after that time, it is shown that it is not working - that it is not helping journey times for buses and it is unduly delaying motorists - then I would be happy to lobby for its removal. 

Note: update 11 November


November 2015

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