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Bus routes in Truro City Centre disrupted by Boscawen Street roadworks

Starting on Monday 14 January 2013 and continuing for about 7 weeks, Cornwall Council is re-laying the cobbled road surface in Boscawen Street, Truro. This will have a big impact on some bus routes.

Passengers from the Probus, Tregony, Grampound area should note that the effects are:

First 27: buses going into Truro will go to the bus station as usual. Those passengers travelling onwards towards the station, County Hall, Treliske etc. will notice that the bus will come out of the bus station back on to the dual carriageway to Trafalgar roundabout (don't panic at this stage!), then turns left along St Austell Street, up towards the top of Pydar Street, back down to River Street, into Victoria Square, then out again along Kenwyn Street and on as normal out of town. So expect some delays in timings.

Passengers catching the 27 back out of Truro should catch it as normal at the bus station (don't wait in Boscawen Street because it will not come). If you catch it the other side of the city centre, note that it will turn left up Edward Street close to the Law Courts and back down St Austell Street to the Trafalgar roundabout and back to the bus station before heading out of town.

Western Greyhound 550/551, 522 and 520: Going into Truro, you will need to get off in River Street by the Museum or in Victoria Square as these buses will not go into Boscawen Street. When catching one of these back from Truro, best place to catch them is in Victoria Square outside Malletts. The buses will then go up Kenwyn Street and back up by the Law Courts and out of town via St Austell Street. You could, in theory, get on a bus in River Street by the Museum, but be careful because WG buses may change their number between there and Victoria Square as they come into Truro on one route and leave on another. Safer to wait in Victoria Square.

When Boscawen Street roadworks are completed, there will be further disruption as South West Water dig up Victoria Square to relay mains sewers, in a project that will take more than a year. As yet, we are not sure what the impact will be on buses. Watch this space.


January 2013

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