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New bus timetables published to take effect from 29 March - likely to be radically changed as a result of Coronavirus

The buses that run on the 50/51 routes from Truro to the Roseland have been operated by First for several years under a contract with Cornwall Council that means that the bus company receives a subsidy to operate the service because otherwise it would not be commercially viable.

All the subsidised routes in Cornwall have recently been put out for re-tender. As a result of that tendering exercise, the contract has been won by Go Cornwall, a subsidiary of Go Ahead Buses who also own the Plymouth CityBus operation.

The contract for the 22 route that runs between St Austell and Truro via the clay country has also been won by Go Gornwall.

The 27 route remains primarily as a commercial route run by First Buses but with Go Cornwall providing additional services in the evenings and on Sundays on a subsidised basis.

New timetables have been published that were scheduled to take effect from 29 March. The 50 service will run approximately hourly between St Mawes and Truro via Tregony. The 51 will run every 2 hours between Veryan and St Austell via Tregony. The timetables are such that passengers to and from Veryan should be able to change to the Truro services in Tregony with just a small wait of about 5 minutes on average.

Please see Buses for details of the new timetables.

Unfortunately, this timetable change coincides with the Coronavirus pandemic during which the government is recommending people to avoid public transport. Our usual message of encouraging more use of buses has, therefore, been reversed. As a result, the new timetables will probably not come into effect. A reduced service timetable will be published shortly.

The planned extension of the park and ride service until later in the evening has been put on hold.

Please watch out for announcements of any changes.

Hopefully, normal services will resume later in the year.

Also, the Council has won a grant of £23 million from the Department of Transport to run a four-year trial of lowering fares on all of the bus routes in Cornwall. The aim of the project is to boost use of public transport and to help take some cars off the road, help families’ budgets and contribute towards reducing carbon emissions from road transport. This was initially due to come into effect from May but had been put back to September in order to prove the technology. It is very likely that this will again be delayed further because of Coronavirus.


March 2020



See new article taking account of Coronavirus on timetables

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