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Full Council votes to amend committee structure

During summer/autumn 2012, the Council has been conducting a governance review which has looked at whether or not the Council structure should be changed.

After numerous meetings and with input from a small external group, a paper was presented to Full Council on 11 December 2012 for consideration and debate. In summary, the recommendations were not to progress to an elected mayor system but to choose between doing away with the Cabinet system and reverting to the more traditional council committee system or to retain the Cabinet with a strong leader but to replace most of the scrutiny committees with a system of Cabinet committees, one for each portfolio holder.

I felt that there was nothing particularly to be gained from changing from the current system, but on a vote, there was a clear majority in favour of the Cabinet committee system. This will be implemented with effect from the new Council from 3 May 2013.

More details on the proposed changes can be found on the Council website at governance review.


December 2012

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