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Introduction of charges at Household Waste Recycling Centres for certain types of waste

The Council will be introducing a charge for certain waste streams that are deposited at the HWRC sites by the public. The charges will take effect from Monday 1 September 2014. The waste we will be charging for and the respective charges are:

• Soil / rubble (including bricks, blocks, tiles, rubble, paving slabs, concrete posts, sanitary ware, toilets, etc )  - £1.75 per sack

• Plasterboard ( including gypsum related products )  - £4.40 per sheet

• Asbestos – bonded type only  - £10.10 per sheet

• Tyres - commercial and agricultural vehicle types will not be accepted. There will be no charge for bicycle tyres.  - £3.20 per tyre 

The Council do not have a statutory duty to dispose of these types of waste free of charge and many other local authorities throughout the country apply charges similarly.

The principle to introduce charges was established in November last year following recommendations made at a meeting of the Transport and Waste Portfolio Advisory Committee. The Cabinet ratified the initiative to charge as part of the budget savings for 2014/15 (the charges will cover the current costs of handling and disposing of this waste).

The introduction of charges may not be welcomed by some, the scale of the cuts in our funding from the Government means that we have to look at ways to reduce our costs where ever possible. The charges are targeted to deliver approximately £485,000 in savings.

Not everyone uses the HWRC sites, and many people who do use them do not need to dispose of the newly chargeable waste streams.  This policy means that the site users disposing of these materials pay for its disposal rather than the costs being subsidised by all householders.  This is the general principle we are trying to adopt for all our waste services.

The public are still able to deposit other household items free of charge for example; garden waste, bulky household items, white goods, electric appliances, bric-a-brac etc. Information leaflets will be available at the HWRC’s before the end of July, together with advisory notices informing of the date that the charges will be applicable from (1 September). The Council website will be updated and will include a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist with enquiries.


July 2014


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