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Cornwall Council renewables project:
Public meeting Grampound Village Hall
Wednesday 29 January 7.30 p.m.

Cornwall Council is evaluating a programme of installing wind turbines on a number of suitable Council-owned farms. One of the potential sites identified is in Grampound with Creed close to the soon-to-be-installed Garlenick turbines. The proposal, if progressed, would be for one turbine of 100 metres height and 2 MW maximum capacity similar to the Garlenick turbines. (A similar proposal is being considered for a turbine at Higher Barwick Farm in Cuby Parish.)

The project would be financed by the Council which would then benefit from the sale of the electricity generated. The electricity generated each year from a turbine of this size would be equivalent approximately to the domestic consumption of 1000 typical homes over the same period. As part of the project, there would be a community fund available for local initiatives.

A public meeting will be held on Wednesday 29 January in Grampound Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. At that meeting, short presentations on the project will be given by me, as your Cornwall Councillor, and by the project manager in the Property Services department of the Council. Please do come along if you have any questions. (A similar meeting was held in Cuby in December 2013 to announce the Higher Barwick Farm proposal.)

Please note that the project is at an early stage in its development. It would need to go through the full planning process before it could be implemented and, at this stage, no planning application has been submitted.


January 2014

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