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Cornwall Council meets government housing delivery test

The first set of results for the recently introduced Housing Delivery Test were published in February 2019 for what was delivered in 2018.

The Housing Delivery Test is an annual measurement by Government of how well authorities are delivering housing. It assesses this by applying a standard approach to measure the net additional dwellings provided against the homes required, using both national statistics and local authority data. The test requires that at least 95% of the required housing for each area are delivered each year. Councils that fail to deliver against the test must to complete an Action Plan outlining how they propose to address the requirement.

How did we do?

Cornwall has passed its first housing delivery test and is currently working above its three year housing requirement. This leaves the Council in a good position to deliver housing and resist inappropriate development. With the rise in good results, the council are confident that the test will be passed again in 2019.




April 2019

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