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Coronavirus Covid-19 information page

The spread of the Coronavirus known as Covid-19 is, undoubtedly, the biggest public health crisis to have faced this country in 100 years. Wihin a few weeks, we have gone from an economy and society whose major issue of concern was the potential impact of leaving the European Union to where we are thinking about how many of our friends and relatives might die as a result of the pandemic and whether the economy will ever recover from its impact.

The government has taken unprecedented steps in the past weeks to bring in emergency measures to try to restrict the direct impact of the disease and to provide support for businesses and people's finances. With new measures being brought in each day, it is difficult to keep up.

Cornwall Council is following central government advice and is emphasising to all of our residents to do the same.

Please refer to the Cornwall Council website at and follow the link on the front page to the Coronavirus information page, or go direct to Coronavirus page.

On that page is information about support for businesses and for individuals.  This is a fast moving situation and information will be added as soon as it is known.



March 2020

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