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Councillors vote to increase allowance

At the Full Council meeting of 23 October, a report was presented by the Independent Remuneration Panel on the subject of the allowance that Cornwall Councillors are paid. Currently, the basic allowance is £12,100 per annum. The Panel recommended that the allowance be increased to £16,200 p.a. with effect from the start of the new Council in May 2013.

A copy of the Panel's report can be downloaded from Independent Remuneration Panel report.

During the debate, various views were expressed by councillors, some supporting the increase to £16,200, some saying the current allowance should be frozen. I spoke against any increase in the allowance. A proposal was then put for an increase to an intermediate figure of £14,600. I voted against it. The majority vote supported an increase to £14,600.

I pledge that, if I am re-elected next year, I will not accept any basic allowance greater than the current level. However, I will not be making this an election issue. If other candidates standing for election think that the proposed figure of £14,600 is acceptable, then it will be their decision whether or not to accept it if elected.


October 2012

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