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Full Council votes to amend council tax discount structure

Cornwall Council has voted to amend the discounts currently given to some homes such as second homes and empty homes. Specifically, what has been agreed has been:

The following changes be made to the Council Tax system with effect from 1 April 2013:

1. The discount for Second Homes (Class A and B) be set at 0%.

2. The Class A exemption for empty dwellings undergoing major repairs be replaced with a discount of 50% for a period of 1 year only, with no discount thereafter.

3. The Class C exemption for vacant, unfurnished, dwellings be replaced with a discount of 100% for a period of the first one month only, with no discount thereafter.

4. An Empty Homes Premium of 50% be levied for an indefinite period on any qualifying dwelling that has been left vacant and unfurnished for two years or more, giving a total Council Tax liability of 150%.

Papers can be found on the Council website under item 10.2 Technical reviews of council tax


December 2012

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