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Cornwall Council votes for 4% rise in council tax for 2016/17

At the Full Council meeting of 16 February, as expected, Cornwall Council voted for a rise in council tax of 3.97% for 2016/17. This rise is made up of the maximum allowed by the government without having to hold a referendum, i.e. just under 2% (1.97% to be precise) plus a supplementary rise of 2% which is earmarked for adult social care.

As a result of the vote, the budget has been set for 2016/17 and indicative forward budgets agreed for the following 3 years. Adult social care will now see large increases in future years to cover forecast increases in demand for services and the additional costs associated with the government's decision to raise the minimum wage progressively over the next few years, the so-called living wage.

Overall, however, there continues to be a need for significant savings in most service areas and the public will still see cuts in many frontline services such as leisure, libraries, open spaces etc.

The Council has put online a short video explaining the budget, see Council budget.


February 2016

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