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Public right of way from Cuby Close to Reskivers joining with Lady Lane: update

In December 2016, Cornwall Council made an Order to designate the paths from Cuby Close to the bottom of Lady Lane, and the path from there to Reskivers as public rights of way. It has been decided that they should be designated as restricted byways which means that they are open to pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders, persons leading horses and carriages other than mechanically propelled vehicles. In addition, Lady Lane will be changed from being a footpath to a restricted byway.

Representations and objections to the order were made by a number of residents who were primarily concerned with the designation as anything other than a footpath. Because of the number of objections, the case will now be referred to the Secretary of State and a planning inspector will be appointed to determine whether or not the order should be confirmed. The case will be sent to the Secretary of State in April.

See plan below. For a copy of the Order, see Cuby right of way order.

The Council has now published online the evidence that was assembled to show why it felt that the order to make it a restricted byway was the most appropriate order. See Cuby Close to Reskivers byway.


March 2017

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