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Cornwall Council issues order for public right of way from Cuby Close to Reskivers joining with Lady Lane

In June 2003, Mr Richard Pascoe of Tregony (sadly now deceased) made an application to Cornwall County Council for the footpath that runs from Cuby Close down to the bottom of Lady Lane to be included on the definitive map as a public right of way. These applications tend to take a long while to be determined finally as to whether or not they are valid and should be implemented. During the process, evidence was also put forward that the path that runs from the bottom of Lady Lane up to Reskivers on the A3078 should also be added as a public right of way.

On 14 December 2016, Cornwall Council made an Order to designate these paths as public rights of way. It has been decided that they should be designated as restricted byways which means that they are open to pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders, persons leading horses and carriages other than mechanically propelled vehicles. In addition, Lady Lane will be changed from being a footpath to a restricted byway.

Any representations about or objections to the order must be submitted to the Council by 2 February 2017. If no such objections are made, the Order will then be confirmed and the public rights of way will take effect.

See plan below. For a copy of the Order, see Cuby right of way order.


December 2016

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