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New timetables for First Buses from 24 May

Western Greyhound went out of business on Friday 13 March 2015. This affected the 550/551 from Tregony and the Roseland to Truro and the 522 from St Austell via the Clay country and Probus to Truro. First Buses stepped into the breach and, by Monday 16 March, full timetables were being run by First.

An arrangement has now been made between Cornwall Council’s Passenger Transport Unit and First such that the current arrangement will continue until at least end of March 2016. At that time, routes will have to be put out to tender again. Probus, Tregony and Grampound will therefore continue to benefit from what are very good bus services for a rural area.

There will be some timetable changes from 24 May. The services will be renumbered as 50, 51 and 22 (27 unchanged). The times of the 50, 51 and 22 will change, but frequencies will be maintained and Probus will benefit from having regular 20 minute intervals between services for most of the day (slight tweaks to the times during the morning and late afternoon rush hours).

The Roseland will benefit from having buses running from early morning until early evening.

Timetables are available from the Buses page.


May 2015


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