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Garden Waste Collection service: revised tariff from 1 April 2014

Statement by Bert Biscoe, Portfolio Holder for Transport and Waste

"Following a review of service charges and collection arrangements, by the Transport Waste and Environment PAC I have allowed several changes to the garden waste collection service for 2014/15. Subscribers will be receiving a letter about changes to the permits and subscription period and also an unavoidable increase in charges. 

In future residents will only be able to buy a 12 month collection service. From the 1 April 2014, 6 month permits will no longer be available. 

In addition, the process for subscriptions enables all requests following payment to be electronically sent to the Service Provider (Cory), who automatically enter the details of the household subscribing to the scheme to a collection round. This ensures a scheduled collection service will take place for the duration of the subscription payment. 

The charges for this service will rise this year. The table below shows the charges for a 12 month garden waste collection.

Residents can join the scheme later in the year e.g. from 1 May but they will have to subscribe to the end of March 2015. They cannot stop the collections in the winter. 

There are approximately 20,000 letters being sent out to customers with garden waste bins. These will start to be sent out from Thursday 30 January.  

Customers can join the scheme or renew their collections by using the self service process on the Council’s website, calling the contact centre on 0300 1234 141 or visiting a One Stop Shop.

For further information, see Garden Waste Frequently Asked Questions on the Cornwall Council website.


February 2014

140 litre bin

240 litre bin

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