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Governance Review: Full Council votes to implement majority of recommendations of GREG report

The Constitution and Governance committee of the Council has been leading the governance review process since the spring of 2016. A Governance Review External Group (GREG) was established to take evidence, consider the issues and report back to the Council with its recommendations. GREG published its report in early September.

The Constitution and Governance committee considered the report at its meeting on 19 September and resolved to recommend to Full Council a large number of proposals to be taken forward. Full Council met on 6 October and voted to accept these proposals with just a few minor amendments.

Further work will now take place within Constitution and Governance committee and other committees to decide exactly how each of the proposals will be implemented. Some of these will be implemented before the end of this Council in April 2017; others will require continuing work into the life of the next Council.

The report to Full Council can be downloaded from Governance review report to Full Council October 2016.




October 2016


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