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Fore Street, Grampound: proposal for new pedestrian island near to school

Residents of Grampound have been concerned for years about the speed of traffic through the village on Fore Street and the dangers it presents for pedestrians of all ages trying to cross the road. The parish council and I, as your Cornwall Councillor, have lobbied for a long time to have better enforcement of the speed limit by the police or through speed cameras but, to date, we have not been very successful. The parish council paid for the speed visor that was installed near the entrance to Old Hill - this has helped a little to slow traffic heading towards Truro, although a large percentage of motorists are clearly still exceeding the speed limit as the flashing visor indicates. Community Speedwatch has been resurrected although, with a small number of volunteers, we have not been on the road as much as we would like.

Cormac is now putting forward a scheme that should help slightly. It is proposed to install a central island that will allow a refuge for pedestrians crossing at this point. Having the island at this point will also serve as a visual narrowing for motorists and should, hopefully, cause them to slow slightly or, at least, not to accelerate at this point as many do. A point that I have made to Cormac is that we need to make sure that Roselyn Coaches are aware of what we propose and that they are confident that the pick up each morning of children going to Roseland College can be done without any adverse effects. It will require careful parking by the drivers that they do not obstruct the existing traffic island over the river Fal and the proposed new island.

The proposed scheme will be formally put out to public consultation on 1 August and residents have 3 weeks in which to make any comments.

See plan of scheme below.

July 2018



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