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New speed visor installed on Fore Street, Grampound, to deter vehicles from speeding on way out of village

A significant proportion of vehicles driving through Grampound on the A390 exceed the 30 mph speed limit. Monitoring carried out by Cornwall Council using Radarclass equipment has shown that there is a particular problem with westbound traffic towards the end of the 30 mph zone as the vehicles start to accelerate out of the village. Over a one-week period in January 2016, it was shown that 45% of vehicles were travelling in excess of 40 mph at this point. For full results, see Grampound speed information.

The parish council resolved to purchase a vehicle activated flashing speed visor for installation close to the junction with Old Hill. The Council bid for monies from the Grampound Community Fund (Garlenick wind turbines money) and were awarded the major part of the cost of the proposal.

In October, the visor was installed. It is evident that there is still a high proportion of vehicles speeding at this point but it is hoped that the flashing warning sign is at least mitigating the problem.



October 2016


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