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Full Council defers publication of Draft Local Plan

Cornwall Council planning officers and the Council's Planning Policy Advisory Panel have been working on what is sometimes called the Core Strategy, sometimes the Local Plan. This is an essential part of the planning process so that the Council has an agreed policy against which particular planning applications can be considered. The aim has been to bring together the disparate policies from the old district councils and Cornwall County Council, bring them up to date, incorporate latest thinking and to update targets such as housing figures.

Many of these issues can be contentious with strongly held conflicting views. Unfortunately, the final draft presented to Full Council on 11 December did not command a clear majority of support and it was agreed that the outstanding issues would be debated at a special Planning Policy Advisory Panel to be held on 20 December with the aim of bringing the document back to Full Council in January.

Papers can be found on the Council website under item 10.1 Cornwall Local Plan


December 2012

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