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Micro chipping of dogs now obligatory

The law requiring all dogs to be micro-chipped came into force on 06 April 2016. Cornwall Council has confirmed that the micro-chipping service it has offered in partnership with Dog’s Trust has resulted in more than 3,000 pets being microchipped free of charge.

Normally it costs dog owners around £20 to micro-chip their pet but over the past two years officers from the Council’s dog welfare and enforcement service have worked with Dog’s Trust to run a number of events offering dog owners the opportunity to have their pets micro-chipped for free.

As well as complying with the new law, a micro-chip makes it quicker and easier to identify the details of the owner of the dog – enabling them to be reunited with their pet more quickly and easily. This is particularly important if a stray dog is injured in an accident and needs urgent veterinary treatment.

The Council maintains a database of all microchips that it supplies as well as sending microchip details to a central micro-chipping database.

Further information can be found on Cornwall Council's website at Micro Chipping



April 2016


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