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Mixed plastics collections will start in April in Probus and Tregony

In 2016, Cornwall Council tested the impact of adding plastic pots, tubs and trays to the existing kerbside recycling service. The trial included 46,000 properties in central Cornwall. The results were very positive and, because of this, Members voted to extend the service across the whole of Cornwall in a phased approach during 2017.

This is a major service change that will affect all aspects of the collection. In order to ensure that a high level of customer service is maintained, the change is being phased in over some months. The first phase will include the areas of Probus and Tregony. Collections of mixed plastics will start in the week commencing 24 April.

Because collection routes do not coincide exactly with parish boundaries, if you live in Probus or Tregony but have not received the leaflet informing you of the service, do not start putting out mixed plastics until you receive confirmation that your area is being covered.

For further information, see the following leaflets:
Mixed plastics notification leaflet
Updated rubbish and recycling guide


March 2017

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