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Mixed plastics collections to be extended across Cornwall after trial in one area

The current waste collection contract only allows for the collection of one type of plastic - that used in the manufacture of plastic bottles. Other types of plastics have not been collected because of the difficulties in separating one type of plastic from another and the much lower prices obtained for plastics other than bottle plastic.

A trial has been carried out in a part of the old Kerrier and old Carrick districts where other plastics have been collected. In particular, plastics pots, tubs and trays were collected. The aim was to see if, by collecting more materials, the overall recycliong rate would increase. The trial was successful and Cornwall Council now plans to extend the collection of mixed plastics across the county on a phased basis starting from March 2017.

If you are not in the original trial area, do not start putting mixed plastics out for recycling yet. Wait until you have been officially informed that the trial has reached your area.

For further information, see the announcement by Joyce Duffin, portfolio holder, below.


December 2016

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