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Annual meeting of Council May 2019: Julian German elected as Leader

After the elections for Cornwall Council in May 2017, a joint administration was formed by the Liberal Democrats and the Independents. It was agreed that Adam Paynter, Liberal Democrat, would be Leader for the first two years and Julian German, Independent, would serve as deputy leader. It was also agreed that the positions would alternate after two years.

At the Full Council meeting of 21 May 2019, Julian German was duly elected as Leader of the Council. He appointed Adam as his deputy. He also appointed four Liberal Democrats and four Independents to serve in the Cabinet. These were the same Cabinet members as the previous two years except that Sue James stood down and Rob Nolan took her place.

For more details of the portfolios, see Portfolio responsibilities

At the same meeting, Hilary Frank, Liberal Democrat, was elected as chair of the Council and Mary May, Independent, as vice chair (also alternating from the positions held for the previous two years.




May 2019

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