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Cabinet agrees way forward on new waste collection contract

The Council's current Waste and Recycling Collection, Street and Beach Cleansing Contract is due to end in March 2020. A procurement process is currently underway to secure a new contract for services from 1st April 2020.

It is proposed that the collection regime will change from weekly black bag and fortnightly recycling collecions to weekly recycling and fortnightly residual waste collections. In addition, weekly food waste collections will be introduced. All the evidence from other parts of the country is that this will improve recycling rates and reduce the amount of residual waste that has to go to the incinerator or landfill.

At its meeting in December, Cabinet agreed to give the officers authority to continue negotiations with potential contractors for the service and to place some holding orders for the necessary vehicles and the appropriate containment for the various waste streams.

It is anticipated that final contracts will be signed in July 2019.


December 2018

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