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Wind turbine installed and now operational at Pittsdown Farm

In July, the 500kw wind turbine was installed at Pittsdown Farm.

The turbine has now been commissioned and is fully operational feeding the electricity generated into the electricity grid.

The turbine is being operated by AGR group. AGR has confirmed that it will be paying the sum of £5,000 per annum into a local community fund. It is planned to set up an arrangement with a charity such as Grantscape who will administer the monies and deal with applications from grants from local groups and organisations within a qualifying area (probably at 4 km radius from the site within the parishes of Cuby, St Ewe and Tregony). As a preliminary measure prior to setting up the administration of the fund, for one year only (2016), AGR is arranging to pay an equal sum to each of the 3 parishes of Cuby, St Ewe and Tregony and allowing those parishes to decide how to distribute that money.


September 2016


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