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Cornwall Council's planning service consults on proposals for health contributions on planning permissions

Cornwall Council’s Planning and Sustainable Development department have been working in partnership with NHS Kernow and NHS England and Improvement to produce a guide to planning contributions and Health Care Provision in relation to primary care premises.   

It has been developed in response to levels of growth that are proposed in Cornwall which will give rise to an increased impact on Primary Care Services necessitating additional infrastructure, resources and funding.  Where new populations are created or increased as a result of additional housing, it may be necessary for the planning system to mitigate the identified impact, subject to viability testing. This is supported by the expectations of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Policy 28 of the Cornwall Local Plan.  

The guidance note sets out Cornwall Council’s position on the collection of financial contributions to help mitigate the impact of development on Health Care Provision where need is identified. It relates only to Primary Care Services.  The note has been developed to assist the assessment of whether a need will be created as result of development and how any charge will be calculated and applied.  Contributions will only be sought where need is identified by NHS Kernow in partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement. 

Cornwall Council is now consulting on the health care guidance note.  This consultation is now live and has been extended to the end of January.  If you wish to comment on the draft guidance, please send your comments to the Planning Delivery Team on by 31 January 2020.

For further details, see Health contributions consultation.


December 2019

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