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Police to revise their policy of enforcement of 20 mph speed limits

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has agreed to update its guidance on the enforcement of 20 mph speed limits. To date, ACPO has had a policy of not enforcing 20 mph speed limits even though they are just as legally valid as any other speed limit.

However, in a House of Commons debate on cycling and speed limits on 2 September 2013, Norman Baker, Transport Minister, said, "She mentioned 20-mph speed limits. I hope that she will welcome, as others have, the fact that this Government have made it easier for local councils to introduce 20-mph limits, which I campaigned on for a decade before they finally became reality under this Government. She asked about enforcement, which several other Members properly raised. The hon. Member for Wimbledon and I had a meeting with Suzette Davenport, who is a lead member on this for the Association of Chief Police Officers. She has agreed to rewrite the guidance for ACPO on the enforcement of 20-mph limits, and I hope that that will appear before long."


September 2013


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