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Probus Quiz May 2012: Answers

The correct answers to the questions in the Probus Quiz were as follows.

What number bus would you catch if you wanted to travel from Probus to St Mawes?


What time does the last bus leave Truro for Grampound on a Friday evening?

10.55 p.m.

What number bus would you catch if you wanted to travel from Truro to Grampound Road on a Sunday?


If you boarded a First Bus to travel from Grampound to Truro at about 9 a.m. on a Monday morning and you held a concessionary fare pass, how much would you have to pay for your ticket?


What time does the last bus leave Tregony for Veryan on a Saturday evening?

5.55 p.m.

When putting out you rubbish and recycling, where should you put coloured paper?

In bag with cardboard

For garden waste, you can purchase a wheelie bin from Cornwall Council. How much is the one-off purchase price of a 240 litre bin?


Cornwall Council now has one contract for the collection of all waste across the county. What is the name of the contractor?


Which parishes make up the electoral division of Probus?

Probus, Tregony, Grampound, St Michael Penkivel

On which day of the week does Probus Parish Council normally meet?


Which party has the most councillors on Cornwall Council?


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