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Reskivers hamlet marked by new road signs on A3078

Reskivers is a hamlet within the parish of Tregony. It comprises approximately 24 properties straddling the A3078, the main road that runs from Tregony through the Roseland peninsula.

There had been no signs on the road indicating the presence of the hamlet and it probably goes unnoticed by the majority of motorists that pass through it each day. The residents feel isolated from the main village of Tregony although that is only about half a kilometre away.

The residents intend to work together on activities to promote community cohesion. As a first step, they proposed to have signage on the main road identifying the hamlet and welcoming motorists to it. They hope also that the signs may help to reduce traffic speeds through the hamlet.

The project was financed by Tregony Parish Council with assistance from a grant from Cornwall Council's community chest fund.



October 2016


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