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Speed visor to be installed at entrance to Probus

There has been a long-term problem with vehicles entering Probus from the Truro direction at speeds in excess of the 30 mph speed limit. Unfortunately, this road has never been sufficiently high enough up Cornwall Council's priority list for an appropriate speed reduction scheme to be implemented and paid for by the Council.

Local residents requested that the parish council consider funding a traffic speed visor at this location. The speed visor is a sign that lights up when a vehicle is detected approaching it at more than the pre-set speed. It displays an illuminated message of the speed limit and "Slow Down". They are generally seen as being effective at reducing the incidences of speeding where they are installed.

At Probus Parish Council meeting in July 2014, the parish council resolved to support the project and to fund the installation of the necessary equipment. An order was subsequently placed with Cormac (Cornwall Council's arms length company that looks after the highways in the county).

It is anticipated that the sign will be installed before the end of 2014.


November 2014


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