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Proposal to revive use of Community Speedwatch in Grampound - volunteers needed

In 2011, a Community Speedwatch group was set up in Grampound and it operated successfully for nearly three years. All the members of the group were volunteers and, over time, each had to give up for various, understandable reasons.

Recruitment of new volunteers was not possible because of limited police resources to process applications and provide the initial training necessary for new recruits. Unfortunately, therefore, Speedwatch ceased to operate in the village.

Now, in 2017, the police have advised us that they are able to provide some more resources to enable us to reinstate Speedwatch.

We need at least half a dozen volunteers who would be prepared to give a small amount of time to be inducted into the system and then be able to take part in Speedwatch sessions, each of about one hour, a couple of times a month. Would anyone who is interested, please call Bob on 07785 748844.


January 2017

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