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Tresillian Bridge: proposal to realign road to reduce number of accidents

Over the last five years there have been three recorded injury collisions as well as several non-injury collisions here which have resulted in damage to vehicles and also to the bridge itself.  Repair works to the bridge come at a considerable expense and can result in lengthy delays to traffic, on an important commuter route into Truro

The collisions are typically as a result of drivers entering the village at too high a speed and losing control through the tightening sharp right hand bend, colliding with the bridge structure.

Cornwall Council is proposing the reduction in width of the junction adjacent to Holy Trinity Church by building out kerblines.  New Trief-type kerbs on westbound approach to bridge to prevent vehicles colliding with the bridge parapet in the event of loss of control.  Laying of high friction surfacing throughout right-angle bend to reduce the risk of vehicles losing control.

See plan below.


December 2016

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