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Visibility splays on A390 junctions much improved; Wainhomes makes ex gratia payment towards longer term maintenance

The A390 between Grampound and Tresillian is a road on which traffic speeds are high, frequently too high, with many motorists breaking the 60 mph speed limit. Along the road are junctions that can be dangerous for vehicles trying to enter or cross the A390 and, when vegetation has been allowed to grow too high, visibility can be signficantly restricted. Of particular concern is the junction of Tregony Road, Probus, with the Probus bypass. When the planning application for the Wainhomes development on Tregony Road was proposed, one of the grounds for objection was the impact that more houses would have on the traffic movements at this junction and the potential for increased danger there.

Although the planning inspector decided to grant permission for the development to go ahead, one of the conditions imposed upon the developer was that works should be undertaken at the junction to improve visibility. Earlier this year, Wainhomes employed a contractor to clear the vegetation at the junction taking it 5-10 metres further back than it had been done for years. As a result, visibility has been improved dramatically particularly in relation to traffic exiting Tregony Road and looking for traffic approaching from the Trewithen roundabout.

Wainhomes has no obligation to keep the vegetation cut on an ongoing basis. However, Wainhomes has kindly made an ex gratia donation to Probus Parish Council of £1,500. At the parish council meeting on 17 July, the parish council resolved to employ a contractor to maintain the visibility splays at this junction on a regular cycle. (This is the same contractor that it uses for cutting the open spaces and grass verges within the village.) The money from Wainhomes will, it is estimated, cover the costs of that contractor for the next 3-4 years.

In addition, through a separate arrangement with the contractor, the junction at New Stables (where the roads from Grampound Road and from the rear entrance to Trewithen join the A390) will be maintained on a regular basis. Without regular maintenance, this junction suffers from restricted visibility and it becomes very dangerous for vehicles trying to come out from the road from Tregony.


July 2017

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