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Have YOU returned your electoral registration form? Register now to vote in 2012 and 2013

Are YOU one of the 90,000 householders in Cornwall who have not yet registered to vote?  If so the Council is urging you to return your electoral  registration form as soon as possible to ensure that you are eligible to vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner election taking place in November 2012 and the local council elections in May 2013.

The Council is required to produce a new and accurate list of voters in October which will form the basis for the elections in November and the local council elections next May.

People are required by law to provide the information which is asked for in the forms. The new electoral register will be published on 16 October and only people who are on the register will be able to vote. People who are not on the register may also have difficulty obtaining credit or making other financial arrangements. It is vital that people complete and return the form as soon as possible so their names can be included on the register and tax payers money can be spent most efficiently.

If you have mislaid the form to register, or if you never received a form, you can download a form from this link: voter registration form. Please print out the form, complete it and return it to the Camborne address on the form.


July 2012

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