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Potential phase 2 of Wainhomes site at Tregony Road, Probus: public meeting in Probus on 16 September

The development by Wainhomes off Tregony Road, Probus, is nearing completion.

I am pleased that, generally, the development has gone well with not too much impact upon existing residents in the immediate area or in the wider village. In fact, several residents have moved from within Probus to the new site.

When the original development was proposed, there was the potential for a phase 2 on the east side of the bridleway, east of Parkengear Vean and south of Carne View Road. That was not progressed at the time and did not form part of the planning permission that was granted on appeal for the current site.

Since then, Wainhomes has approached Cornwall Council about the possibility of the second phase being brought forward. The Council has its own Housing Development Programme (HDP) where it is building, or commissioning the build of, homes that will be retained by the Council and let to Cornish residents on long term lets, some at market rent, some at affordable rents.

The Council has been in talks with Wainhomes with a view to Wainhomes building the second phase at Probus and Cornwall Council would purchase the whole site and include it in the HDP.

A public meeting known as a Pre Application Community Engagement (PACE forum) will be held in Probus Village Hall on Monday 16 September from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to explain the proposal in more detail.

Please do come along and talk to us about this.


September 2019


Updaate 16 September

Thank you to all those who came along to the public meeting and expressed their views. They will be considered by Wainhomes and the planning officer and will be taken into account when submitting a planning application in due course.

Indicative layout of site:


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