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Wainhomes puts forward proposals for second phase of development in Probus: public invited to have their say

The Wainhomes development is making progress on the site alongside Tregony Road, Probus, with 90 homes due to be constructed by the time that the site is finished. Works have been done on Tregony Road to extend the pavement to the entrance to the site and to extend the 20 mph speed limit beyond the entrance to the site.

Wainhomes have been in touch with Probus Parish Council to advise them that they have potential plans for an extension to the development on the other side of the bridleway, a site that could accommodate approximately 50 houses. No planning application has been submitted although Wainhomes have done a pre-application advice request to the Council. The Council made clear to Wainhomes in its response to the pre-application that the site would be unlikely to obtain planning permission unless strong community support could be demonstrated for the proposal.

The parish council has put an article into the February edition of the Probus News and invited all local residents to attend an open meeting in the village hall on Monday 19 February from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

The article says:

"Wainhomes has approached Probus Parish Council regarding a possible phase 2 development off Tregony Road (access through the approved phase 1 development), and the opportunities available to the village. Before the parish council engages with Wainhomes, parish councillors would like to find out what is important to you. Whether it is additional play space, refurbishment of a community building, additional local facilities or something else important to the village development.

A planning application has not been submitted as yet, nor is it assured in any way. Therefore, community support will be important to Wainhomes in respect of an application in the near future to achieve phase 2.

With government desire to see house building increase, Wainhomes may be able to achieve planning permission without community support in two to three years time. Therefore, there is now an opportunity for the village to engage with Wainhomes and to inform any application they make with what the village needs and in doing so get something back.

Probus Parish Council invites you to attend an Open Meeting from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. on 19th February to discuss your ideas."

See below an indicative layout of what phase 2 might look like. Please note that this only very preliminary and should not be assumed to be a final version, nor that it would get planning permission.


January 2018

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