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Wainhomes Probus: work could start on site soon

Wainhomes obtained planning permission in 2015, on appeal, for the development off Tregony Road. In January and February 2016, an archeological survey was undertaken on the site - this was one of the conditions of the planning permission.

In the spring, following a submission by Wainhomes to vary the permission, and after lengthy negotiations between the Council and the developer, a Deed of Modification to the s106 agreement was agreed that would reduce the percentage of affordable homes to 40%.

In consultation with local residents, the plans for roadworks to Tregony Road have been changed to remove the proposed changes at the end near The Square. Other roadworks closer to the site including the construction of a pavement to extend to the site will still be required. Other obligations and the plans for the site have remained as they were in the permission.

The latest information from Wainhomes is that works will start on site in mid October. I plan to set up local liaison meetings between the developer and local residents to try to minimise any problems that arise during the construction.



October 2016


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