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Wainhomes Probus: construction site issues explained and potential enforcement action

Construction work has now started on the Wainhomes site off Tregony Road, Probus. Some residents have been concerned about issues on the site as follows.

Removal of the Cornish hedge on the boundary with Tregony Road.

The plans agreed with the inspector at the planning appeal were based upon removal of the hedge and the provision of new entrances on to the road: the main road into the site and some smaller entrances to individual houses. It was also agreed by the inspector that the whole issue of hedges and trees on the site would be subject to a condition whereby Wainhomes had to submit further plans to Cornwall Council showing which trees and hedges would be retained and which could be removed. Wainhomes did this and the Council discharged this condition in October. See PA16/08589 and associated plans on the Council planning portal.

Placing of site office near to northern boundary of site

All of the permanent houses to be constructed on the site will be towards the southern end of the site away from the historic round near the northern boundary. However, the Council has agreed with Wainhomes that the site office can be placed on temporary hard standing in the north-west corner of the site. This will be removed once the site construction is completed. The actual round itself has been covered in a layer of new topsoil to protect it and any archeology below the surface. This area will be part of the open space once the site is completed.

Drainage of surface water and foul water

One of the conditions of the planning permission was that plans showing how the foul and surface water on site would be dealt with had to be submitted to the Council and agreed by them prior to start of construction. The first plans submitted by Wainhomes were deemed to be inadequate and the developer has had to submit new plans. Construction started before the new plans had been submitted and Wainhomes were, therefore, in breach of this condition. An enforcement case, EN16/02036, has been opened and the enforcement officer has given Wainhomes a deadline of 30 November to submit new plans. If Wainhomes fail to do this, the Council may issue a Stop notice on Wainhomes to cease work.


November 2016


UPDATE 6 December 2016

Wainhomes has submitted its application to discharge the conditions relating to foul and surface water drainage, see PA16/11211 on the Council's Planning Portal. South West Water have been commissioned by Wainhomes to do the necessary work and the drains will then be adopted by South West Water in due course. This probably means that this planning condition will be discharged soon.


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