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Tregony Road, Probus: traffic census results

On Monday 2 December 2013, a traffic census was carried at 5 points on Tregony Road between The Square and the bypass from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. It was carried out by local volunteer residents, coordinated by Bob Egerton. At each point, detailed counts were taken of motorised traffic and pedestrians/cyclists/horse riders, recording direction of travel for each.

The conclusions from the survey were: the assumption in Wainhomes’s transport assessment that all traffic from the new estate would exit the village via Tregony Road on to the bypass is undoubtedly wrong. It is far more likely that a majority of the residents would choose to drive along Tregony Road into the village centre either to visit village facilities or to exit the village that way because of concerns about the safety of the junction on to the bypass. Construction of the new estate would place an unacceptable increase in traffic levels on to Tregony Road particularly near The Square. For those who choose to exit Tregony Road on to the bypass, they will be taking risks at a junction that is generally felt to be unsafe.

You can view a copy of the report at Tregony Road traffic census


December 2013

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