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Wainhomes Probus: work starts on site off Tregony Road

Construction work has now started on the Wainhomes site off Tregony Road, Probus. Planning permission was granted on appeal in 2015.

The initial work being undertaken by Champion Groundworks on behalf of Wainhomes is to construct an entrance to the site so that construction vehicles can safely get off Tregony Road and on to the site and a site office will be installed.

The round on the site which is known to have archeological value is being covered in a layer of topsoil and will be seeded so that this area is protected for future generations.

It is intended to set up local liaison meetings between Wainhomes, the Cornwall Councillor, parish councillors and local residents. Further details of these will be published as soon as suitable arrangements have been made with the developer.



November 2016


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