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Grampound waste collections days

In Grampound, all black bag waste will be collected on Friday each week (as currently).

Recycling will be collected also on Friday. For most of the village, St Austell side of the river, the first collection of recycling will be on Friday 13 April, then fortnightly thereafter. For houses west of the Fal (Old Hill and Bartliver Hill) the first collection will be on 6 April, then fortnightly thereafter.

Garden waste (for those who have subscribed to the service) will be collected on Fridays, fortnightly, on the weeks when recycling is not collected.

Waste collections: further details

Residual waste (black bag waste)

Black bag waste will continue to be collected each week from the kerbside. The collection day may change from your current collection day. A calendar will be delivered to each household during March. If you do not receive a calendar, please go to the Cornwall Council website and follow the links to the page where you will be able to put in your postcode to find out your collection days.


For residents in the former Restormel area (i.e. Grampound), you will see the biggest change. Recycling will collected fortnightly (not weekly). Watch out for the calendars being delivered in March to find out the days when the recycling will be collected. Single use bags will no longer be collected: all recycling materials must be put into the new reusable box and bags. A set of box and bags will be delivered to all households in March. Please let me know if you do not receive a set.

The new system is:

Black box, capacity 55 litres, for GLASS and TEXTILES (please put textiles into a separate bag and place this within the black box with the glass)

Blue bag, capacity 40 litres, for WHITE PAPER (stationery, newspapers, white envelopes)


Red bag, capacity 55 litres, for CANS and PLASTIC BOTTLES

For residents in the former Carrick area (i.e. Probus, Tregony, St Michael Penkivel), there is not much change. Recycling will continue to be collected once a fortnight using a box and reusable bags. The colours of the bags will change for some materials, but you can continue to use your existing bags until they need replacing.

You should currently have a black box, a red sack for paper and a yellow sack for cans and plastic bottles. Keep using the box and the bags exactly as you do now until they need replacing. The Council will deliver during March an orange reusable sack for cardboard. You will also receive a new calendar with the collection days – these may change from the current days. Please make sure that you watch out for the calendar. I will publish it on this website as soon as it is available.

Garden Waste

This will be a chargeable, subscription service using brown wheelie bins. Garden waste will only be collected from those households who have signed up for the service, and will be collected fortnightly.

One-off bin purchase charge 140 litres bin £16.05 240 litres bin £19.50

Full season permit (26 collections) 140 litres £16.50 240 litres £24.20

Half-season permit (13 collections) 140 litres £8.25 240 litres £12.35

If you are unable to accommodate a wheelie bin, but you want garden waste collections, it will be possible to buy some new style, reusable garden waste bags. The cost of these will be:

One-off charge for bag £3.55

Full season permit (26 collections) £15.50

Half season permit (13 collections) £7.75

Please note that the option to buy a permit for just occasional use (6 collections) is no longer available.

Further information

Further information about the new service can be found on the following leaflets. Click on the links to download a pdf file of each.

Recycling box leaflet

Waste and recycling frequently asked questions

Garden waste leaflet

Garden waste frequently asked questions

There is also an updated website page with frequently asked questions at waste FAQs

In order to find out when your residual waste and recycling will be collected, go to the Cornwall Council website front page and find the link on the left-hand side about halfway down the page – there is a box into which you can put your postcode and it will tell you when your collections will be.

February 2012

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