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Waste and recycling containers request

If you do not have the box and bags necessary to use the Council recycling collection service and you would like me to deliver the necessary items to you, or you would like a seagull proof sack, please complete this questionnaire.

The recycling containment is as follows:

Black box: use for glass bottles

Red bag: use for mixed plastics (note: not black plastics) and cans

Blue bag: use for white paper

Orange bag: use for coloured paper and cardboard

Textiles should be put into a bag such as a carrier bag or plastic bag and then put into the black box.

Please specify which items you require. Note that if you have existing containment from the days of the previous Cory contract, you can continue to use those items until they need replacing - do not worry that they are of different colours to the new ones.

Cornwall Council also has for sale reusable seagull proof protective rubbish sacks for £3.50. The seagull proof sacks hold around three black sacks of rubbish and have a weighted base, a secure Velcro fastening and a tie at the back to stop them blowing away after collection. The sacks are designed to deter attacks on bags of rubbish by most animals and birds. They are most beneficial in seaside towns or country areas, where seagulls or cats or foxes can be a real nuisance on rubbish collection day. Residents can purchase these bags from most One Stop Shops. Alternatively, if you would like me to deliver one of these bags to you, please tick the box below.

Your postcode

Your street and house name or house number

Your name

Your telephone number

Your email address

Please supply black box
(for glass)

Please supply red bag
(for plastic bottles and cans)

Please supply blue bag
(for white paper)

Please supply orange bag
(for cardboard)

Please supply seagull proof bag (cost £3.50)


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