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Wind turbines in Grampound area: update January 2016

The Airvolution wind turbines on the Garlenick estate were installed and became operational in September-November 2014. See Garlenick turbines The developer set up a community fund for the benefit of the parish. The parish received a one-off sum of £50,000 from this fund and will receive further monies of £15,000 per annum for the lifetime of the project. For further details, see Grampound Community Fund.

Since then, further applications were submitted:

  • Penbetha Farm, in Probus Parish, but close to the border with Grampound. This was for a 250 KW turbine. The application was refused by Cornwall Council planning committee in June 2015.
  • Pennans Land, between the Garlenick turbines and the village. This was for a 1.5 MW turbine on land owned by Cornwall Council. Following the changes to planning guidance made by the government in July 2015, this application was withdrawn.

Across the A390, south of the Garlenick turbines, is Penans Farm. Ecotricity obtained planning permission for a 500 KW turbine on this farm in 2013, but had shown little sign of bringing the proposal to fruition. In late 2015, the company signalled an intention to start work in early 2016 by submitting to the Council an application to satisfy the pre-start conditions specified in the planning permission. These conditions have been signed off and it is likely that construction will start by early February 2016.

See map below of the situation with turbines in this area.

January 2016


UPDATE February 2016

It has been confirmed that Ecotricity carried out works on the access road to the turbine in early February, thus implementing the planning permission before its expiry date. Further news on when the turbine itself will be installed is still awaited.

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