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Campaign to encourage young people to register to vote

Cornwall Council bid for, and was successful in, obtaining government funding to run a campaign targeting 18 – 24 year olds to find ways of reaching out to groups who feel most distant from the political process, and encouraging them to get involved and register to vote. 

Identified nationally as the group least likely to register to vote with official figures showing that only 44% of 18-24’s voted in the last general election in 2010, the message to them is: 

Register to vote to help shape the future you want for yourself and others. Don't wait for someone else to make changes for the better - make sure your voice is heard so that you can influence those changes yourself. Be a part of the decisions that directly affect you. 

To support that message, a video has been produced which is featured on the Council website but will be pushed predominantly via social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and You Tube. 

We are also contacting groups and organisations who work with young people to ask them to push the message and your ideas and input on appropriate channels will be appreciated. 

Posters will be displayed at bus stops across Cornwall concentrating on places like Falmouth the main college sites. 

Posters will also be placed on the rear of selected buses and a short clip of the film will be shown in the cinemas in Truro, St Austell and Newquay from the end of February and into March. 

There is also a text service – if people text VOICE to 82228 they will receive a message and a link to the website. 

For March plans are being explored to run road show type events in the main colleges in Cornwall to give young people the opportunity to ask questions and register to vote there and then.



March 2014

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