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Government offers Cornwall a package of devolved powers

Cornwall Council's senior politicians and officers have been in negotiation with central government for many months over the possibility of more powers being devolved to Cornwall. I have been critical of many of the items that have been included in what has been called the Case for Cornwall.

In the government's budget presented to parliament on 8 July, it was announced that the government was prepared to devolve some powers to Cornwall. At this stage, the government offer is "confidential" and so I cannot reveal on this website exactly what is being offered. However, I can say that it is a much more focussed package of measures than have been included in the Council's rather wide-ranging request. I am supportive of the proposals within the government offer.

On Tuesday 14 July, Cornwall Council's Full Council meeting will debate the Council's proposals in an open session and then the Council will have to go into closed session to debate the government package. I very much regret the fact that the Council is being asked to agree something behind closed doors. However, the government has given us no choice but to do it this way, having labelled the deal "Confidential" as defined in the Access to Information Act.

As soon as we are allowed to publish the details of what may or may not be agreed, I will post the information on this website.

For update, see Government Devolution Deal

July 2015


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