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Leaflets and newsletters delivered to residents of Tregony Parish 2009-2013 and to Tregony and Cuby from April 2013

As your Cornwall Councillor for Probus, Tregony and Grampound Division which includes the parishes of Tregony and Cuby, I try to keep you informed about issues relevant and interesting to residents of the area.

Tregony area election feedback October 2009

Tregony feedback May 2010

Tregony 20mph petition June 2010

Tregony LTP3 meeting July 2010

Tregony 20mph public meeting Nov 2010

Tregony News Dec 2010

Tregony open meeting May 2011

Tregony re Grampound Surgery July 2011

Tregony News Jan 2012

Tregony News April 2012

Tregony News June 2012

Tregony News January 2013

Tregony survey Feb 2013

Tregony survey feedback March 2013

Election flying start April 2013

Election update April 2013

Election thank you June 2013

Tregony/Cuby October 2013

Cuby turbine special Nov 2013

Tregony/Cuby May 2014

Cuby news June 2014

Tregony/Cuby news July 2014

Tregony/Cuby news November 2014

Cuby news July 2015

Tregony Cuby August 2015

Tregony/Cuby survey Feb 2016

Tregony/Cuby survey feedback April 2016

Tregony/Cuby February 2017

Tregony/Cuby August 2017

Tregony/Cuby May 2018

Tregony/Cuby April 2019

Tregony/Cuby January 2020

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